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Now you can hop along boulders, or run around the woods in your flip-flops!  This super cute flip quickly converts to a sandal by attaching the “super strap”. Sticky rubber on the outsole and the insoles prevent foot slippage. An array of fun colors makes the Rosa essential summer footwear for the adventurous girl!

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Color: Classic Navy


Intended Use: Casual, Water, Boat, Travel
Uppers: Cushioned Synthetic leather with embroidery and emboss details. Soft wicking knit liner, reflective star at center and soft nylon webbing toe post.
Midsole: Dual density EVA with G.15rubber pods at foot bed.
Outsole: Super-grippy, non-marking and siped. Made with G.15compound.
Ankle Strap: 15mm polyester webbing with acetal ladder lock.
Weight/shoe: Women's 7 = 160g (5.648 oz)
Sizes: Women’s US 6-11 (Whole sizes only)
Fit: True to size (For half size, size up)

Granite Grip Outsole

Maximized sole-to-surface contact for increased friction on smooth surfaces. Razor-Siping increases quantity of edges for gripping. Beveled lugs help prevent mud accumulation. Thin profile for flexibility and sufficient sensory feedback promotes better balance and grip.

Water Ready

All Astral shoes have a special relationship with water. Every component, from the thread to the laces are critically evaluated and chosen for its ability to hold up after constant soaking, to shed water, and not to accumulate funk. Many models have engineered drainage for water to come out while minimizing entry of silt.

Balanced Geometry

We believe that a foot’s position in a shoe should be similar to when barefoot. This allows excellent balance and biomechanically natural lifestyle.

Foot-beds are essentially level (only 1mm drop from heel to toe ) and provide medium arch support.  Tapered instep and heel area for better foothold and control. Wide forefoot allows your feet and toes to spread out for stability.


The “ss” is for “Super Sticky” and we can confidently say that outsoles made with it provide the best grip in water-sports. Unlike other maximum friction compounds, is non-marking and provides good abrasion resistance. Its low durometer (measure of hardness) lessens impact and provides excellent conformity to surfaces.


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  • Great!

    July 15, 2020

    So I've had these sandals for almost 5 years now (yes, same original pr)!!! They've been great and are still going strong, one back strap is beginning to see a little wear & won't stay super tight but still works great.
    I absolutely hate the weight and feel of Chacos, but was needing something in that category to wear on a trip to Disney. Wanted to be comfortable, knowing my feet would be getting wet whether it was on a ride or rain, and didn't want to slop around in wet tennis shoes. Went to my local river outfitters (we live in between 2 whitewater rivers) and confessed to the owner while standing under the huge Chaco sign that I hate them. He winked & said, personally I do too,lol, let me show you what I wear instead. And he talked me in to a pr of Astral Rosa's. Since then I've talked several friends in to them!
    Was a great deal for me because after the trip to Disney I was still able to wear them on the river, camping or just quick trips to town because they're so cute AND comfortable. I've even taken them to the beach with me!

    submitted by: Misty, South East Tennessee

  • Quality and customer service bar none

    February 05, 2019

    These sandles are so versatile, light weight and goes well with casual and dressy attire. I love them so much I have them in every color.

    submitted by: Lindsey, Danville Kentucky

  • Best purchase of the year

    October 02, 2018

    I would recommend this to everyone that spends time outdoors! Water and sand.

    submitted by: Judee Perez, Belize

  • Nice looking BUT torture on your feet

    August 13, 2018

    These shoes rubbed 4 blisters on my feet; BOTH sides of each foot where the straps come through.

    submitted by: Sheri Bueler, Troutdale, Oregon

  • Great travel sandals

    August 09, 2018

    Recently bought these sandals in the light gray and so far love them. I normally wear 9-9 1/2 in most shoes and the 9 in these fit me perfectly. They are lightweight, cushy comfortable and stay on my feet, which is a bonus because I have such narrow feet. I plan to take them on travel because I can use them paddle boarding, as well as around the hotel/hostel (especially when staying someplace with shared baths/showers) or around wet areas in general. Plus they are so cute! Probably will get another pair, maybe eventually in all the colors.

    submitted by: Tina Thaxton, Los Alamos, NM

  • Bonnaroo 2!

    July 12, 2018

    All of my friends bought these at the festival and I ordered them after. Have been taking super long walks with my dogs in 85% humidity and they are fabulous - comfortable and cool.

    submitted by: Susan, Nashville

  • Rosa sandals

    July 11, 2018

    Astral shoes have been the best footwear purchase for my problem feet! After realizing the benefits of the walking shoes, my grateful feet were happy to find out that the Astral Rosa sandals are a comfortable, good-looking choice for summer wear. My feet thank you, Astral folks!

    submitted by: Kim, Tennessee


    June 16, 2018

    So I made the rookie mistake of not bringing festival friendly shoes to Bonnaroo. Once I made it into the festival I saw a vendor selling these shoes. I was hesitant to buy a pair but I did. It was the best Bonnaroo decision I made. They were soooo comfortable. They held up amazing and I never worried about my shoes falling off while I was raving. I loved that I could take the straps off when I got home. They're my every day shoe now. Definitely worth the money.

    submitted by: Kimberly, Kentucky

  • Absolutely LOVE!

    April 02, 2018

    I've had these flip flops for about a month now and LOVE them. They are super comfortable and easy to walk in. I put in 15K steps yesterday in them, all outdoors on uneven ground, and my feet, ankles, and knees feel awesome! Highly recommend!

    submitted by: Ashley, New Orleans

  • Best flip 2 years and running

    March 20, 2018

    To say I have put these guys to the test would be a bit of an understatement. I brought them to NZ and chose to hike in them exclusively. They just work--wet, dry, hot, cold, whatever. After 2 years of constant daily use the toe strap gave up at a pretty inopportune time and I was pretty bummed but Astral, no questions asked, sent me a replacement and I am back in business. I know now to bring a back up and since they are feather-light that is not an issue. The new ones I received have a better grippy sole that is a bit thicker than my old ones and a softer, more user friendly strap which I will consider using in the future--it seems to be really comfortable and it stabilizes the flip for harder hikes Thanks Astral for a great flip, and thank you so much for standing behind your stuff. Love my LowYaks and Brewess shoes too!

    submitted by: Hilde Schweitzer, Grand Canyon

  • Perfect for Mountain Trails

    July 27, 2017

    My friend recommended these sandals, and she was right! They are perfect for our hiking around our mountain trails and they grip well when crossing water.

    submitted by: Tracey Woods, Breckenridge Colorado

  • Best flip flops ever!

    April 19, 2017

    Love these shoes! Great for walking both in and out of the water. We live near the Flint River and having good water shoes is a must! Not only are they comfortable and stable in/out of the water, but I get lots of compliments on the style. If all that isn't great enough, the customer service at Astral is the best. I called to see if I could order a new ankle strap (because I've worn them out a bit), and they are sending me new ones at no charge with free shipping! Customer for life. Just ordered my second pair in Grey/Eggplant!

    submitted by: Maryann, Thomaston, GA

  • The best sandal I've ever worn!

    September 10, 2016

    Heres why I call them The best sandal I've ever worn!

    1. Durable - As I mentioned we wore them through it all and for four months of constant use. The shoes are still hanging on today despite all of this.
    2. Good Fit We loved how well they fit & stayed on our feet during river & muddy trail crossings.
    3. Light - The sandals are surprisingly lightweight, which was super important to us. This made it easy to add them to our backpacking trips.
    4. Floats - Along with being light it floats! This is good to know in case we drop them during a river crossing or while relaxing in a stream.
    5. Looks Good - Especially for ladies, a lot of performance sandals end up looking really beefy but these look good. This made it easy to transition from nature to city and wear the same shoe with anything I had on.
    6. Comfortable Despite being rugged & fitting snug enough not to fall off easily, the sandals remained comfortable for short hiking durations.

    FYI, I didn't ever really use the extra strap.

    submitted by: Heather Bender, Colorado Springs

  • Rosas are made for me

    July 25, 2016

    I used to wear Chacos when I needed a sandal that could strap to my foot for river trips or working on the water. I hated my Chacos! The tan lines, the way the sand got caked up in the foot bed, and the straps never really fit my feet. I would always bring an extra pair of flip flops on river trips to change into right away.
    Then the Rosas were invented. I didn't want to write a review until I tested it on a 4-day river trip on the San Juan, which I wore them every single day. Then after the trip, I still wore them every day in real life. They are PERFECT! Rock climbing, wet rock wall swimming/scrambling, hiking, paddleboarding, and every day social girl life APPROVED.

    submitted by: Camille Swan, Longmont, Colorado

  • Every Damn Day

    July 18, 2016

    I wear my Rosa's every day and have experienced any serious wear or flattening of the sole. They are super comfortable and the strap is a life saver for multi-day river trips when all I want to do is wear my flip-flops around camp.

    submitted by: Brittany Parker, In a van down by the river

  • LOVE my Rosa flips

    June 27, 2016

    I work as a guide on the Grand. I have worn a LOT of flips over the past 40 years and these are hands down the best flips I have ever used. They are comfortable--I have not gotten a single blister from the straps which have always been a significant issue with the other 3 major brand flips I have used. The footbed is comfortable and has enough support for all day hikes, all day wearing, every day. The soles are as grippy as any rubber out there--including 5-Ten. They are a tiny bit slippery in the footbed when wet but the pods with the extra grip do their job and keep your foot really pretty stable. They aren't the easiest to keep clean if you wear them 24/7 like I do but so what--these shoes are so comfortable it doesn't matter. If you want a work-horse flip that you can depend on to stay on and do the job, this is your flip. My other guide friends thought I was a bit overboard in my joy with these things until they got some of their own. I LOVE THESE FLIPS!!!! and my LowYaks are pretty awesome too!

    submitted by: hilde schweitzer, grand canyon arizona

  • Beach Block Beauty

    June 23, 2016

    My family's beach house is only a block away from the beach but it is on the wrong side of Delaware's coastal highway. My new Rosa sandals were perfect for the many trips that I make back and forth to the house everyday. They were secure enough for the occasional dash across the highway but light enough for the beach. They were also enough shoe to wear to bike all around the area. The blue color is beautiful and goes with everything. I am going to get several more pairs in other colors.

    submitted by: Nikki Malatin, Morganton, NC


    May 09, 2016

    I love this flip flop! First of all it is the cutest and most functional river-flop on the market. It has the support of a durable and quality shoe, a trendy unique style that does not scream granola and the stickiness of the best river booty. Style is important to me and it is nice to finally have a flip flop that I can wear to the river, beach, desert or any recreation venue and still keep up down in the city at a cool concert or night out. These flip- flops are more comfortable and functional than other high end flip flops (such as Chaco) yet, after a day of play I can throw a dress on and dance all night without being embarrassed for wearing flip flops to a wedding or nice dinner! As Yvonne Chouinard said, Why buy two pieces of gear when one will do the work for both?

    submitted by: Katie McPherson, Coloma,CA

  • April 21, 2016

    A friend of mine loves her Rosas so much that she sent me a pair! While the gorgeous red color adds to this flop's allure, I'm finding that my favorite feature is the spongy and supportive foot bed. Thanks, Astral!

    submitted by: Patricia, Bryson City, North Carolina

  • Rock the ROSA or the ROSA Rocks....

    April 16, 2016

    Either way, you look at this flip-flop you will never kiss goodbye another flip-flop to the powers that be of any water deity when paddling in their home waters with the ROSA's "super strap" helping secure your footwear. Wasn't sure about the "practicality of the "super strap" but even when wet it doesn't stretch or lose shape and more importantly doesn't dig into the skin on your ankle. LOVE IT! Perfect footwear for any water sprite or supmermaid!! Trust me we know, we are on the water a lot and love the super grippy soles and the cute colors it comes in. We've worn this from the water straight to dinner pairing it with our favorite beach dress. Super light weight on your feet and don't make you feel clumsy!

    submitted by: Lucy ~ Managing Editor, Samata Magazine, By Land, Sea, and Lake - otherwise known as Planet Earth


    April 11, 2016

    HOW INNOVATIVE!!!! The only " in between the toe " sandal that I have EVER been able to wear comfortably; I assume due to the design and ease with which to adjust perfectly! The option of on/ off strap very creative! GO ASTRAL!

    submitted by: Elizabeth, GEORGIA

  • Love Me Some Rosa

    March 30, 2016

    My new favorite flip flop! The Rosa is ridiculously sturdy and functional when you want to romp AND be simultaneously stylin.' Astral providing another awesome piece of gear for the adventurous babes out there.Go Astral!

    submitted by: Julie, Asheville, NC

  • Flip flops you can actually wear all day

    March 24, 2016

    With high arches and an active lifestyle (mostly just chasing kids), I can't wear the flimsy flip flops from most stores. But I don't like the big, bulky ones. These are the perfect solution -- sleek and stylish, but with enough support and grip to get me through the day. I keep the extra strap on almost all the time, but I like that I can remove it for the beach. Love the grey color with a hint of colorful stitching.

    submitted by: Claiborne, SC

  • Love! Love! Love!

    March 20, 2016

    Best.flip-flops.ever. Super light and grippy. Perfect for water activities, day-to-day wear, and travel. For those of us in our mature years the grip makes you move like your 18 ( ok...30). I stride right past those orange "caution - slippery when wet" diamonds posted while grocery shopping on wet days. Thank you, Astral!

    submitted by: Lynn Creamer, Lewisburg, WV

  • Great flip flops

    September 24, 2018

    These are my favorite sandals! I've owned them for about a year and they are extremely versatile and very comfortable while hiking and climbing on slippery river rocks. I dropped one star only because the ankle strap has already worn out on mine and won't tighten and has tears.

    submitted by: Annah, Oregon

  • Not typically a thong kinda girl

    May 24, 2018

    I was looking for something to replace an old pair of Chacos for summer wear and for an upcoming beach trip. I've had my eye on Astral's as a brand for a while as a hiking shoe, but decided to try the Rosa first and see how it goes. I like the minimalist look, flexible footbed, adjustable ankle strap and overall styling. I'm usually really uncomfortable with thong-style sandals and end up with irritation between my toes, but I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I keep telling myself I haven't worn them for a full day of serious walking yet, but I realize I've worn them to work (business casual) for several days in a row now with no discomfort! Looking forward to trying them on a nearby trail hike with multiple water crossings and trying them out at the beach. Oh, and they don't stink! It took no time at all for my Chacos or Tevas of the past to develop that foot-sweat-trapped-against-impermeable-footbed smell. Only reason I'm not yet giving them 5 stars? I've only had them for about a month. Stay tuned! So far I've only worn them with the ankle strap. I had foot surgery about 10 years ago, so flip-flops are out for me!

    submitted by: LuLu, Ohio

  • Great Travel Flop

    October 19, 2016

    I've had my Rosa's everywhere from the bottom of the Grand Canyon doing wet and dry hikes, to going to the beach in Havana, Cuba, to hiking through the rainforests of Costa Rica. I like how the heel strap is optional, and easy to take on and off. I usually don't wear the strap, but find it's nice for a wet or muddy hike. Sometimes the sole is really slippery, but other than that I dig them. Lastly, they are great flop to transition from adventure to town. I often paddleboard in them and then go straight to the beach bar.

    submitted by: Tess McEnroe, Los Olivos, CA

  • wicked comfortable, but...

    April 08, 2016

    I have these in red, super cute, VERY comfortable foot bed, but there is a ridge between the ball of the foot and the toes that does not sit well on my foot. The ridge on the big toe is perfect, but under my other toes, the ridge sits back a cm or two too far, therefor is felt on the ball of my foot instead of resting under my toes as it should. Beyond that, great summer shoe, maybe eliminate that ridge to fit more foot types.

    submitted by: Pauline G, Freeport, Maine

  • High Hopes

    June 05, 2017

    I bought these to use on my hike to Havasu Falls, in early May. The second day of our trip was going to Mooney Falls, and then on to Beaver Falls, which meant crossing a wide, but gentle creek several times. I bought the sandals because they could be used as a flip flop, or a sandal, and the glowing reviews included testaments to their grip on rock when wet. I broke them in at home, and did notice that the strap around the heel tended to slip, but wrote that off to my not keeping enough tension on them. At the campsite I wore the sandals to go to the pit toilets, and for comfort after wearing boots all day, and noticed the slipping of the strap again. I tightened them up, but they continued to slip. I was going to wear them to climb the trail, and ladder down to Mooney Falls, but decided to wear my boots instead. I wore the sandals on the hike from Mooney to Beaver falls, which is a fairly simple 6 mile (return) hike that crosses Havasu Creek 3 or 4 times. The strap kept slipping, so I tied a knot with the excess strap. It worked like a charm. The sandals were a little tight, but they didn't slip again. The strap between the toes, however, carved a pretty good line in one foot, but at this point it was the lesser of the two evils. Also, as to the grippiness of the sandals, I slipped a few times, post creek crossing. Nothing too dramatic, but my Teva-wearing companions did not. Frankly, I should have known better and left the sandals at home, but I had spent good money on them and was determined to make them work. I haven't worn them again, and it's been about a month. The scab between my toes has healed, so I'll probably remove the strap and wear them as flip flops. I had high hopes for these as convertible sandals, but they fell short of expectations. I already have comfortable flip flops, and wasn't looking for another pair. I hope you have better luck with them than me.

    submitted by: Lynna, Delta, bc

  • super rad but...

    April 25, 2017

    i hiked in them the second day i had them- on a trail with some rocks but nothing that rugged- and the sole peeled away from the bed about 1/4 down the shoe. that was a bummer because i bought these to use as my river guiding shoes. they are comfortable and good for hoppin' around on wet rocks or around a campfire. i lost one of the straps while walking one day (it kept coming slipping out of the gadget to keep it snug). other than that, these shoes are great. i guess they just weren't designed to be "all-purpose" like they are advertised.

    submitted by: carly, idaho

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