What is Astral?

Footwear and Equipment for Performance
in Nature.

Footwear  Lifejackets

Scott's Drop on the NF American, Royal Gorge / Eric Parker

Fall Footwear

Donner and Tinker, for fun even after
the sun sets.

His Hers

Rob Geirsch

Tall Tales

It's time to burn some wood, pass the spirits
and spin some stories.

Footwear  Lifejackets

Nick Gottlieb

Travel With Us

Footwear and Equipment for
Performance in Nature.

Footwear  Lifejackets

Regina Nicolardi

Astral Trucker

For bad hair days and helping to
clean up rivers... 
We give $5 from every hat to various
river clean up projects across the country. 

Get yours and support today!

Rob Lilley cleans rivers / Ty Caldwell

Meet Donner

One shoe for your year-round lifestyle!

Get me some

Permanent Glimpse Photography

Tinker Toes

One shoe for a lot of fun. 

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Permanent Glimpse Photography

Going Places

Wild Bill, shuttle and
a pair of Rasta Rasslers. 

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Effort Inc.


Our premier fitting women's PFD.

Take Me There

Hank Rankin

Grip It




Our secret formula of G© Rubber
sticks like tar, wet or dry. 

Rick Spicer of Pack and Paddle, testing the Brewer in the field

Watch the World of Astral

Grab some popcorn and stay awhile.
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  • Footwear Fundamentals

The Backstory

Founded in 2002, our first products were life jackets that were known to promote calm confidence in the most extreme whitewater. 

In 2012 we started making footwear because sandals are awkward, neoprene booties are toxic, and there was no river shoe with adequate grip, let alone good looks. Our approach to footwear proved successful and now people everywhere love our light, high performance kicks that have crazy grip and can play in water.

Our reason for being is to make gear that elevates human’s experience in Nature, consciously made to preserve pristine soil and clean water. To maintain this focus, we remain independently owned and operated.

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