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The Loyak

Shannon Thomas

Sticky Shoes

Like really really sticky.
If you can find something
stickier than our G® Rubber,
then beers are on us.  

Gareth Tate




Brewer 2.0

Brewer 2.0



Loyak AC M's

Loyak AC M's







The Backstory

Founded in 2002, our first products were life jackets that were known to promote calm confidence in the most extreme whitewater. Now, Astral is widely known as the most innovative life jackets for paddling in whitewater, calm water, or across oceans.

In 2012 we started making footwear because there was no river shoe with adequate grip or even one that dried quickly. It turns out that our fundamental approach to designing shoes - respecting the foot's natural ability to maintain balance and grip in extreme places- also makes for supremely comfortable and versatile footwear for use on trails and around town.

Our reason for being is to make gear that elevates human’s experience in Nature, consciously made to preserve clean soil and water.

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Redefining Water Shoes, again

Loyak AC M's

$ 110

Our best shoe for a water and sun based lifestyle. Ultra-fine ripstop mesh breathes deeply while keeping debris out. Our level footbed, wider toe-box and sticky G® Rubber outsoles promote ninja-like performance in slippery places.

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Color: Classic Navy

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