Best Water Shoes for Hiking, Kayaking and more

Our long time connection to the river made it easy for us to build some of the best river shoes and kayak shoes to date. Our stylish water shoes provide durability, comfort and our G® Rubber outsoles are sticky like tar. River and adventures guides appreciate our footwear as their rafting shoe (water sneaker) of choice, for our quick-dry design and sell bailing drain holes. Our high level of performance mixed with our down to earth style, makes Astral the best water shoes for whatever water adventure you find yourself in.

New Style

Brewess 2.0

$ 115

With its super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, Balanced Geometry™ midsole, and Water-Ready uppers this evolution of our original shoe elevates the common sneaker to an entirely new level of performance and versatility.

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Color: Onyx Black

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astral’s warranty policy?

All of our products are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. Please complete our Warranty form to get the process started.

How long will it take to get my order?

We ship from North Carolina, so depending on your location anywhere from 2-10 days. 

How do I clean my Astral footwear?

We recommend hand washing your Astral shoes in warm, soapy water and gently scrubbing with a nylon brush. Air dry only. 

Astral Water Shoes Reviewed

Comfortable shoe

March 22, 2018

Most comfortable low profile shoe I've ever worn, does everything it's supposed to and out performs all other water shoes.

submitted by: Doug, Fort Worth


June 11, 2017

We were white water rafting and noticed all the guides had on the Astral brand water shoes. They highly recommended them as the perfect water shoe. After the purchase of them I have to agree.

submitted by: Richard Rabb, Alabama

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