Loyak M's

$ 85

A low volume, high performance shoe providing durability, superlative grip, and supreme comfort on water or land. The self-draining, Flex-Gripoutsole promotes excellent balance and ground feel. Indestructible, hydrophobic canvas uppers are securely held to your feet with a stretch mesh tongue and flat laces provide a reliable fit.

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Color: Black / White

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  • Intended Use: Water, Casual, Boat, Travel
  • Uppers: Hydrophobic Canvas for durability with stretchy Airmesh at vamp and tongue for secure fit and ventilation. Two sets (different colors) of flat, water resistant laces provided.
  • Midsole: 7mm thick, 45C closed cell EVA foam.
  • Outsole:Flex-Grip is non-marking, draining, super flexible, razor siped, and has 3 mm lugs.Made with G.15 our sticky, high abrasion compound.
  • Foot to Ground Distance: 12mm heel, 11mm ball
  • Weight/shoe: 180g (6.35 oz)
  • Sizes: Men’s US 7-13(Whole sizes only)
  • Fit: True to size (For half size, size down)

Flex Grip Outsole

This rubber allows excellent flexibility and sensory feedback for heightened grip and balance. Maximized surface area for high friction on smooth surfaces. Divided lugs for substantial grip on loose dirt Razor Siping maximizes edges that bite into surfaces upon flexion. 

Water Ready

All Astral shoes have a special relationship with water. Every component, from the thread to the laces are critically evaluated and chosen for its ability to hold up after constant soaking, shed water, and not accumulate funk. Many models have engineered drainage for water to come out while minimizing entry of silt.

Balanced Geometery

We believe that a foot’s position in a shoe should be similar to when barefoot. This allows excellent balance and biomechanically natural lifestyle.

Foot-beds are essentially level (only 1mm drop from heel to toe ) and provide medium arch support.  Tapered instep and heel area for better foothold and control Wide forefoot allows your feet and toes to spread out for stability.


This G compound is formulated for premium grip while also providing "excellent" abrasion resistance. It's low durometer means the rubber is softer and therefore conforms well to the ground.



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  • Amazing Shoe

    May 10, 2017

    I own each color option of this shoe and they all look and feel great. First thing that attracted me to this shoe was design. Not only do they look great but they feel amazing. By far my favorite shoe that I have purchased. Great for casual wear and very durable for being active as well. Purchased first pair over a year ago, still wearing them today. Have held up extremely well. Could not be any happier with this show.

    submitted by: Matthew Byrd, Stem, NC

  • Water Ninja

    May 10, 2017

    I cannot say enough about how epic this shoes are. Superb Grip, very quite, and comfort for days on end...you simply can't go wrong with the Loyaks! One of my favorite features is the built in tongue, you don not have to worry about it moving around, and it is super comfortable.

    submitted by: JD Desrosiers, Greenville, SC

  • Finally the perfect travel shoe

    May 01, 2017

    Forget the thong sandals. Forget the Keens, for the luxury ultralight traveler like myself, I've finally found the one lightweight shoe that can take a beating and dry out with no stink. It's just as compact as a sandal, but offers the benefits of a shoe. If you like to travel and keep your pack light. Get them.

    submitted by: Luke Swab, MI

  • Great all-around shoe

    May 01, 2017

    Looks good, and feels good, I can wear them on the trail and out to dinner. A great shoe

    submitted by: ,

  • Mind-blowing!

    April 28, 2017

    I've been transitioning to minimal footwear, and these Loyaks are the pinnacle product! They look great, are surprisingly comfortable, yet super-tough. They just do everything a show should do, and they're a bargain!

    submitted by: Daniel Brown, California

  • First Impressions

    February 26, 2017

    This shoe looks awesome and appears to be suitable for almost anything. I try and be very minimalist, so I want a shoe that can do most things and still look stylish on the town. It looks stylish, is very comfy (maybe a little narrow), and time will tel about the other capabilities. Excited

    submitted by: Philip, Athens, GA

  • Durable play-boating shoes you can wear all day and keep foot-rot at bay

    February 06, 2017

    After a year in these I'm impressed. on the durability and abrasion resistance of this super-light low, profile shoe. Playboating and especially my composite boat seams rub right through anything neoprene but these have held up strong. Add a second insole for daily wear on gravel or rough terrain, remove the insole completely and size down a bit for a more nimble fit into your playboat. In the age of drysuits with footies, I can wear these all year round and stay warm in winter while avoiding the foot-funk of summer season. Nice work, guys.

    submitted by: Clay Wright, Rock Island TN

  • Best Shoe Period

    December 10, 2016

    I've owned the Loyaks for a year and they have been awesome to say the least. They are extremely comfortable and versatile. As advertised they are low profile and what I would consider a minimalist shoe making them ideal for most activities. They look like "normal" shoes so I can wear them to my professional office job, paddleboarding in the ocean/marshes, and biking/walking/running on pavement and trails. And they still look great after a year of daily use....no issues at all. Astral, thanks for making such great footwear, and PLEASE do not stop making them!!!

    submitted by: Erik, SC Coast

  • Compliments and Comfort

    October 01, 2016

    Previously only ever seen wearing crocs, once I got a pair of the Loyak Navy/Brown, I was surprised to get compliments on my footwear for the first time ever! Now they are the only shoe I ever wear. Love how comfy they are, and after tromping through water to my local river run, I'm amazed at how quickly they dry and are ready to take to the streets by nightfall! Along with the Hiyak for more serious expeditions, they Loyaks are a must-have for any paddler!!!

    submitted by: Brendan Wells, White Salmon, WA

  • Shockingly Good

    September 13, 2016

    The Loyak is a rare fusion of performance and fashion. Although I think form should always follow function, I'm amazed at the quantity of positive comments I get on my mine! My response is typically, "they feel even better." Full disclosure: I sell these at a retailer in Asheville. Customers are attracted to its aesthetics, but then their reactions upon first wearing are on another level. They are simply amazed. Many don't even realize this is a foot-healthy shoe and that it has numerous benefits to the feet and body of the wearer. The Loyak is truly a special product.

    submitted by: T-Bone, Asheville

  • Mountain biking shoe serendipity

    August 02, 2016

    Grabbed a pair at U.S. National Whitewater Center. Tested the grip as a potential option for when using platform pedals and free riding on my Trek SuperFly. Not only did the do the job...they are PERFECT for platform pedaling through even the most challenging terrain. For those of us who dig platform pedals for biking, this shoe is not only a decent option, I personally think they are the next best thing. Move over VANS...the Loyak is the new shoe for mountain biking enthusiasts--amateur and pro alike. Add mountain biking to your list of outdoor activities and riders will be flocking to this shoe. Amazed and delighted.

    submitted by: Sean Keyser, Charlotte, NC

  • The Renaissance Shoe

    July 19, 2016

    Had these shoes for a few months now and put them through the ringer. Great fit out of the box that only seems to get better. Super versatile shoe that goes from bar to sandbar and back again. The grip on these is fantastic on pretty much every surface Ive encountered. Basically an extension of your foot. Any sediment you pick up along the way comes right out in the water and Im pleasantly surprised by the lack of funk--especially as I've lived in them the past few months. Great in the city; great on the trail; great in the water.

    submitted by: Heyward, DC

  • Everyday, Everywhere shoe

    June 19, 2016

    Summary: great everyday shoe (waterfalls, gym, short hike) breathable, minimalist design, grippy even when wet, durable, classic stylish look

    I live in Hawaii wear it's very humid, so having something that can breathe is essential. I wear these shoes on the hike down on the rocks to the beach, then drive to the gym. They are an extension of my feet. Super grippy to skateboard with and grippy when they are wet on rocks. They give you the free feeling of being barefoot but the protection like shoes, very good feeling in the gym or just walking down the street.

    submitted by: @KEVINOPHOTO, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Damn yeah!!!

    May 25, 2016

    I noticed a Hong Kong Outward Bound Instructor paddling across Bass Strait (Australia) in a pair of these puppies and thought ... 'Yeah, I'd love a pair'.

    So, I sent through an order and they arrived on my door step just before a sea kayak trip. They worked a treat - light-weight, tough, well-draining, great grip and they have a really good casual look. Though, as previously mentioned the sand does get in (proof being a couple of worn holes in my feet); however most paddling shoes do let the sand in! Would I recommend them ...YES! I wear them in the white-water boat as well as the sea kayak and they are great for sailing as well with their non-marking sole. And they will be my everyday shoe for my travels through Scotland and Norway later this year, due to their light-weight nature, casual look and with my usually stinky feet they are great as I haven't had any side-ways looks as yet. Definitely get yourself a pair!!!

    submitted by: Was Noles, Australia

  • The traction on slippery wet rocks is fantastic! Light weight, perfect fit, stylish look all in one shoe!

    May 24, 2016

    I purchased my first pair of Loyak M's at Brown's Shoes in Durango, Colorado. I have had nine foot surgeries and live with chronic horrible foot pain. I own well over one hundred pair of boots and shoes and have to change shoes every hour or two because my feet hurt so bad. Comfortable shoes are all I buy, and from the first second I put these shoes on I was amazed at how comfortable these shoes are. Zero break-in was required and Brown's Shoe Store in Durango, Colorado had my size in stock 13D and the fit was and still is perfect! Excellent pool or boat shoe or fishing shoe, climbing on wet rock shoe, or out on the town casual shoe. I love these shoes and will buy more in the future.

    submitted by: Marty Wolfe, South Bend, Indiana

  • Everyday, Everywhere shoe

    May 04, 2016

    This is my go to work shoe, my after work no-slip race shoe, my grippy hike to a waterfall shoe, my flexible bomb hills at 50mph+ skate shoe, my out on the town shoe. I have uneven growth plates on my feet, so I need a shoe that supports my foot very well. And for my everyday use this is a great shoe, for hikes longer than 2-3 hours I personally need a more supportive shoe. But for the average person you should be comfortable for 4-5 hours on the trail.Happy I found this company, love the products.

    submitted by: @KEVINOPHOTO, Hawaii

  • Superior!

    April 03, 2016

    I purchased a pair of these for knocking about and thought they were unlikely to smell up too fast. I am the bowman on our boat and rely on good footing. I ended up using them as deck shoes when I lost one of my regular deck shoes during a knock down. I will never use anything else on deck! They stick like glue, dry up quickly and protect perfectly. Well done Astral!

    submitted by: Patrick, Grenada, Caribbean.

  • bare minimum street shoe / funk-resistant bootie

    March 05, 2016

    Plenty of sensitivity to feel the rocks under your feet but just enough padding to run across hard-cut gravel or jump into knee-deep water. They run a bit Runs a bit narrow but order a snug fit for rafting and then remove the insole for play boating, pop it back in for town. A touch less flex than booties but you can be dry all morning, paddle all day, then set them in the sun for 5 minutes and before for the ride home. No neoprene clamminess!

    submitted by: Joe Moore, Fayetteville, WV

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