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We’ve “Astral-ized” the beloved flip-flop. Meet Filipe….We use sticky G®Rubber on outsole and footbed to seriously reduce foot slippage. They instantly convert into a “sandal” (that’s crazy!!) via a simple accessory strap. Hike, swim, climb a dune, run around, whatever! We think this is the ultimate flip-flop.

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Color: Classic Navy


Intended Use: Casual, Water, Boat, Travel, Trail
Uppers: Cushioned Synthetic leather with embroidery and emboss details. Soft, wicking knit liner, reflective star at center and soft nylon webbing toe post.
Midsole: Dual density EVA with G.15rubber pods at footbed.
Outsole: Super-grippy, non-marking and siped. Made with G.15™ compound.
Ankle Strap: 15mm polyester webbing with acetal ladder lock.
Weight/shoe: Men's 9 = 178g (6.272 oz)
Sizes: Men’s US 8-13 (Whole sizes only)
Fit: True to size (For half size, size up)

Granite Grip Outsole

Maximized sole-to-surface contact for increased friction on smooth surfaces. Razor-Siping increases quantity of edges for gripping. Beveled lugs help prevent mud accumulation. Thin profile for flexibility and sufficient sensory feedback promotes better balance and grip.

Water Ready

All Astral shoes have a special relationship with water. Every component, from the thread to the laces are critically evaluated and chosen for its ability to hold up after constant soaking, to shed water, and not to accumulate funk. Many models have engineered drainage for water to come out while minimizing entry of silt.

Balanced Geometry

We believe that a foot’s position in a shoe should be similar to when barefoot. This allows excellent balance and biomechanically natural lifestyle.

Foot-beds are essentially level (only 1mm drop from heel to toe ) and provide medium arch support.  Tapered instep and heel area for better foothold and control. Wide forefoot allows your feet and toes to spread out for stability.


The “ss” is for “Super Sticky” and we can confidently say that outsoles made with it provide the best grip in water-sports. Unlike other maximum friction compounds, is non-marking and provides good abrasion resistance. Its low durometer (measure of hardness) lessens impact and provides excellent conformity to surfaces.


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  • The Best Flip and Flop!

    August 22, 2021

    The Filipe is the best pair of flip flops I have ever owned. Guiding over 125 days a year I spend a lot of time in and out of the water, and these are my go to sandal.The strap will hold everything tight like a hiking boot! Do yourself a favor and step into a pair of these.

    submitted by: Bryant Compton, CO

  • The BEST Flip Flop on the Market!

    June 18, 2019

    This is a quality made product that is comfortable to wear. Living in South Louisiana, I wear flip flops 75% of the year. I've put these Filipes through hell and they are still looking like the day I bought them. I won't waste my money on anything else, "blowouts" are a thing of the past. I just recently ordered a second pair in another color because my wife says I need some diversity in my wardrobe.

    submitted by: Tyler, Albany, LA

  • The Best Flandal

    October 17, 2018

    Best grip of any sandal/flop - ever. Super comfy and I have a C/D width foot. When the straps are "stowed" it prevents the flop from really flopping a lot which is great (less flip-flop toe-in). With the straps engaged, it turns into a bomber, completely secure sandal - which I have not hesitated to fully test. Just the best, no shot I buy another sandal -ever.

    submitted by: Greg R, Boulder CO


    June 18, 2018

    Best sandal I have ever owned. Perfect for rafting, kayaking, hiking and everyday wear. I wear these everyday and everywhere. I prefer these over shoes now and have done a 13 mile hike/climb in the desert and my feet did not hurt.

    submitted by: Scott, Utah

  • The ultimate flip flop for adventure!

    April 16, 2018

    I've had every type of sandal (keens, chacos, eccos, etc), and I feel like these outperform them all when it comes to weight/performance and easy of use. With the simple strap in place you can pretty much do anything in these. I've been hiking, swimming, beach, river, paddle boarding, etc and they are very secure, have amazing grip, and the rubber is very durable and a breeze to clean. The only downside is the strap can be a little tricky to keep straight when putting on (to avoid twists) but once you get a hang of it its pretty quick on/off. I love the open feel of a flip flop so adding the additional secure strap with so little extra bulk is awesome. And, stylish to boot! Well worth the cost, highly recommended.

    submitted by: Dave, Phoenix, AZ

  • Great for Miles of... Disney World!

    February 26, 2018

    I got the TR1 Junction M for hiking, but found it equally perfect for the miles and miles walked at Disney World - with the proverbial 4-Day Hopper pass. The shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to put on and off. The real benefit was that I never gave feet another thought while wearing them, whether walking around Epcot or standing in the Pandora line for 3-1/2 hours While I know these are hiking shoes, they are equally great as walking shoes!

    submitted by: Stanley Owen, Fairfax Station, Virginia

  • unique design and comfort

    September 12, 2017

    I love flip flops, but they don't necessarily do feet good. This unique design combines flip flops with sandals. Comfortable footbed, non-irritating straps, super grippy...i love these things!

    submitted by: Corey, Madison

  • Best flip on the market

    September 07, 2017

    Chaco shot themselves in the foot by discontinuing the Virbram sole on their flip-flops. That unfortunate fact put me in the market of a new standby flip and boy did I find it. A Grand trip, three Middle Forks and countless trips to the local brewery have me fully convinced that these sandals are the only game in town for those of us that live and work in flip-flops.

    submitted by: Sam, Helena Mt.

  • The absolute best

    August 18, 2017

    The freedom and ease of a flip combined with the security and sure-footedness of an adventure sandal. All in one great piece of footwear.

    submitted by: Jake Westmoreland, Louisville, KY

  • Runs small

    August 09, 2017

    I wear a size 10 but the pair of size 10's that I bought in these were about 2 sizes too small.

    submitted by: Justin Frost, Leavenworth, WA

  • Simple solution

    July 30, 2017

    Where has this product been? Comfortable, versatile. I love them.

    submitted by: Jeff, Everett,WA

  • Filipe is a success

    July 26, 2017

    Filipe is a great sandal. They are much more comfortable than my old expensive flips. They are really comfortable; I didn't think that I would like the straps but they are comfortable, easy to get on and adjust. Being a Altra Running shoe convert to the wide toe box/zero drop shoes I am looking forward to trying out the Astral water shoes as well.

    submitted by: Jack, Boulder, CO

  • Awesome flip flop, even better customer service.

    July 23, 2017

    I have had this pair of flip flops for a little over a year, and wore them everywhere. Super sticky rubber with a comfy fit made me not want to take them off. I love them!. However I did have one of them break recently after a year, and so I sent an email to Astral customer service to see what my options were, ready to buy a new pair. Ellen from Astral emailed me back that same day and sent me a brand new pair within the week. Back to wearing them all the time. Great shoe, unbeatable customer service!

    submitted by: Jared, College Station, TX

  • LOVE

    June 25, 2017

    Best ever flip flops.

    submitted by: Matthew, Nantahala nc

  • Best outdoor footweat hands down

    June 14, 2017

    First of im very selective on footwear because of my structure im flat footed and have different shift on my foot so its very difficult for me to find comfortable, nice looking and functional footwear. I was concern because this is my time to try Astral but my Felipe arrive and its so comfortable and look good. Im staying with this company i love it.

    submitted by: Eric, Washington NC


    June 05, 2017

    Do you know how long I have been waiting for a flip flop with a back strap? My 4 year old can have a pair but why not me? Thank you for creating this. I have planterflaciatis and flip flops have always killed my feet, not with these! Best purchase ever.

    submitted by: David, Eugene, Oregon

  • Flip flops

    June 02, 2017

    Awesome, the rubber on the soles of these flip flops is super sticky. It makes them great for the wet rocks and hiking. Love them getting ready to buy my wife some.

    submitted by: Trevor, San Antonio, TX

  • EPIC simply put

    May 10, 2017

    I own 3 pairs of these amazing sandal/ flip-flop, and I will never own anything else. Superb grip in all conditions, and comfort for days, not to mention that they are versatile as it gets. I have walked up several Class II rapids to get into fishing spots with these guys strapped to my feet, and I did not have any issues at all. Simply put, these are the best of the best, hands down!!!! #Astralfishing

    submitted by: JD Desrosiers, Greenville, SC

  • Versatility for the win!

    February 27, 2017

    As an inshore and nearshore captain in Charleston SC these are a must on my feet. Temps in my season are hot and regular shoes are just to much. The Filipe allows my feet to stay cool and comfortable. When I decide to fish the flats will use the strap for heel to walk through the water. This option allows me to walk comfortably without losing them. Absolutely love them!!

    submitted by: Capt. William McKenzie, Charleston SC

  • Nuanced and confidence inspiring coziness

    September 01, 2016

    If you're shoppin' for some floppin', these are for you, fella. An arrogant critic of shoes I might be, sure, but these are as good as a flip-flop can possibly be, and I wear mine every chance I can. They are sublime, intelligent, rather approachable....and yet still talkative, but not chatty.

    submitted by: Johnny P, Saluda NC

  • Great flop

    August 06, 2016

    Great fitting flop. Solid support and well built. Still trying to decide how to deal with the strap. Would be nice to have if I'm scrambling around. Put when I just want to slip them on it kind of gets in the way. Size..I wear a 10.5 in Brewer and Porter. Got the 11. My foot just barely fits. Probably could have gotten the 12. Wasn't able to try them on so not sure. Great product from astral.

    submitted by: John Pruitt, Atlanta GA

  • KaaaaPoooowwww

    July 19, 2016

    These are the best sandals I have ever owned. I have used a lot of sandals over the years and these hands down blow everything else out of the water. I have trekked many miles in these, and have even walked up a few Class II rapids, and the G-Rubber keeps my feet planted firmly in place! There is no other sandal out there that can match the solid performance of these bad boys! Great job Astral keep doing what you guys do, and that is make a killer product on many different fronts!!!#Wildyfishing #Astralfishing

    submitted by: JD Desrosiers, Greer, SC

  • I don't wear other shoes anymore

    July 14, 2016

    I got my Filipes about a month ago now. Since then, I've worn other shoes on 3 occasions: To a formal wedding, while mowing the lawn, and while riding my motorcycle. With the strap, the sandals become a ridiculously supportive open toed shoe you can trust to take you just about anywhere. Without it, they become a classically styled flip flop you can't beat at the beach or by the pool. A bit stiff and tight at first, mine took about a week to loosen up and feel just right. Now they're the first thing I grab when I'm headed out the door.

    submitted by: Eric Adsit, Northern NY

  • Adventurous AND casual!

    July 05, 2016

    Strap your foot in for some rock hopping madness and grip like no other sandal. Then slip into em casual style and hit the streets. Would definetly recommend these if you are looking for something like chaos or Tevas but better!

    submitted by: Connor Cox, Oregon

  • Best Adventure Sandal

    July 05, 2016

    This is hands-down the best adventure sandal I have ever owned! The comfort to walk around the city and the durability to take them white water SUP boarding makes this sandal ideal for an all around summer shoe! Absolutely love my pair of Filipe!

    submitted by: Geoffrey Braught, Bozeman, MT

  • My new favorite shoes!

    June 15, 2016

    On my recent road trip to Cali for kayaking I took two pairs of Rassler's for kayaking and my Filipe's for everything else. I wore the Filipe's for two weeks anytime I wasn't on the river. They are comfortable and the grip is great! From hiking in Yosemite & Sequoia National Parks to walking fire roads looking for camps and put ins or takeouts these flops never let me down!

    submitted by: Matthew Beauchamp, Mocksville, NC

  • I can name other popular sandal makers who wish they made this shoe!

    April 20, 2016

    So comfy, grippy, light, substantial. I have lived non-stop in so many adventure sandals over the years, as a raft guide, kayak videographer, camp counselor, instructor, begrudged employee, person who walks... These feel like the culmination of years of research and searching for the right combo of features. Yeah! I don't use them as flip flops, because they feel so good snug on your foot, and better for your legs and posture. They are great.

    submitted by: Tree Rogerson, Bay Area, CA

  • Comfortable, but fit small and are overpriced for what they are.

    September 23, 2017

    The good. Have only been wearing these for a couple of days, but they are comfortable and the sticky rubber is good for being around the water/slick rocks etc. The heel strap is handy for paddling and will help for mellow hikes. These fit small and I wear a size 10 with Chaco flops, and had to go to up to an 11. The bad:These are ridiculously overpriced in Canada at around 110 dollars in BC. I purchased my pair at half off for the fall season, which is a good deal. Looking close, the construction of the Felipe is not on par with Chaco imo, and even with the heel strap, these should not be in the same price range. I definitely like these flops though and look forward to continued use.

    submitted by: Dark woods, Kootenays

  • So close to sandal perfection.

    June 08, 2021

    The Good:

    Super grippy sole: I was a fishing guide for 20+ years and these have the best traction I've ever experienced wet and dry.

    Innovative Design: I love that these are flip flops that convert to sandals in just seconds. I wear mine with the heel straps "up" most of the time and when the going gets tough I simply deploy the heel strap. The footbed is also grippy and the little ridge between your forefoot and your toes also provides "grip" so you're not sliding all around on the top of the flop. There are several small details that show this sandal was really well thought out.

    The Bad:

    Durability: I bought my first pair in the Spring of 2019 and just blew out the toe this month June of 2021. I also had to replace the heel straps after just one year of use. Because the heal strap is threaded through the flip flop at an angle it cuts into the webbing. Astral sent me replacement heel straps. After about 18 months of use the soles started coming off and I had to glue the toe area back on. Is two years a good lifespan for sandals? I don't guide full time anymore so these weren't as havily used as other sandals I used to guide in. I have a pair of sandals from another brand that are probably 20 years old, granted they've been re-soled and re-strapped twice but I've still got them.

    Size: I wear a men's size 10.5 in almost every shoe I've ever bought but and with the Filipe somehow I'm a 12. It's a good thing I went to the store to buy my first pair. I've never worn a 12 in my life.

    All this being said I'm wearing a brand new pair right now. Even with the above faults, I can't resist having a "sandal of one". My hope is these ones or future ones will last longer.


    submitted by: Chris Jensen, ID

  • They are Ok!

    November 18, 2018

    I have slipped and rolled my ankle so many times. An

    When they get wet they become slick on the the top platform. I do like the style cut of them. They should make them with a slightly taller heal so that you can fit the heal strap in rim of platform instead of flopping around when not being used

    submitted by: Jansen Smith, North Carolina

  • September 05, 2018

    Just buy flip flops or Chacos. The keeper straps are too small.

    submitted by: Michael Patton, Arizona

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