Brewess 2.0

$ 110


With its super-sticky G® Rubber outsole, Balanced Geometry™ midsole, and Water-Ready uppers this evolution of our original shoe elevates the common sneaker to an entirely new level of performance and versatility.

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Color: Onyx Black

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Intended Use: Watersports, Traveling, Rock Scrambling
Uppers: Hydrophobic Canvas with Airmesh at vamp, tongue and medial side; Step-Down heel, built-in sockliner, embroidered tongue detail; Water resistant laces provided.
Midsole: Level heel to ball, medium arch, made from EVA
Outsole: Made from G.15™rubber, high surface-contact, razor-siped, and non-marking. 
Foot to Ground Distance: 17mm heel, 16mm ball 
Weight/ Shoe: Women's 7 = 199g (7.0 oz)
Sizes: Women's US 6-11
Fit: True to size (Up to D width)


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  • Brewess 2.0

    October 02, 2021

    I love these shoes. I walk 2 miles every day and really like how light weight they are. Great for everyday wear. Mine however, arrived with no sole insert. I have been swapping out the insert from a prior pair. I wrote to Astral today and I am hoping they will send lhe inserts soon.

    submitted by: PAULA S DOIRON, Tennessee

  • The best shoe I own, but I want another pair in RED!!

    February 26, 2020

    This shoe became my favorite the moment I put it on. It is light, it is grippy, and the bright color draws comments every time I wear them in public. I bought them to wear on a trip down the Grand Canyon. They are perfect water shoes. They dry quickly in the sun. They are so grippy I felt like a mountain goat when hiking. I never lost traction, not even a slip. By the end of the trip I had sung the praises of the shoes enough that every single woman in the group swore she was going home to place an order... for RED shoes. PLEASE bring back the red shoes. You can see that I am not the only customer who loves them, by reading the other comments on the web site. Thank you for making my favorite shoe!

    submitted by: Lesley Jacobs, Seattle

  • Love the Brewess!

    July 02, 2019

    Great shoes and planning on buying another pair in red. I mostly wear them around town. They look so good I don't want to get them dirty.

    submitted by: Amy, Rock Hill, SC

  • AUR

    December 07, 2018

    I bought these for casual wear and I love them. I call them my lucky red shoes. I no longer do water sports or long hiking due to arthritis but these shoes are great for everyday wear.

    submitted by: , Knoxville TN


    November 30, 2018

    Absolutely love these shoes. I wear them pretty much every day during the summer. Super lightweight, love the grip. They are WAY grippier than my Chacos for stepping on rocks and going on day hikes off the river. Wore these shoes on a 12 mile day hike in the Grand Canyon and they held up great, no blisters. These shoes even saved my life once when I was electrocuted by a lamp, the rubber in the shoe grounded me and I was fine. They do take a couple of weeks to break in, so be ready if it's your first pair. Seriously cannot talk enough about how much I love these shoes. Customer service is great too!

    submitted by: Lexi Miller, Durango, CO

  • The best multipurpose water shoe!

    July 19, 2018

    I just took my Astral's on a river trip where I was traversing rock in the river all day along with some light hiking. These performed amazing. I had been a Chaco wearer for a long time but I didn't love how they gave me blisters when I would wear them all day wet and I didn't like the lack of toe protection. The Brewess was amazing out there! Toes protected, the grip was outstanding, and my feet were comfy and not blistered. Love love love! My husband wants some now.

    submitted by: Emily, Lubbock, TX

  • So comfortable and stylish - a winning combo

    June 20, 2018

    My first pair of Astral shoes but not my last! I bought these for an upcoming tropical trip but after wearing them I want another color just to leave in my kayak kit along with my PFD and skirt. They are very comfortable for everyday use around town but also for wearing inside my boat. Not sure I could go back to neoprene booties ever.

    submitted by: Heidi E., Seattle, WA

  • Best ever non-slip, wear-anywhere shoe!

    May 27, 2018

    Yes these shoes are the best non-slip shoe ever, but because of the strength in their construction, and because they're naturally built for a wider (toe box) foot, these are the best wear-ever shoe I've ever owned. Wish there were more color options, but I'll take whatever you make!

    submitted by: Peggy P, St Paul, MN


    May 16, 2018

    I've had these shoes for about 2 years and wore them as my fav casual shoe for most of that time! They are great river and rafting which for the hitop when rafting and wedging my foot for stability. They are cute, easy to clean, dry fast, and really comfortable. I recommend them to more Keens for me :) Great grip for short hikes as well!

    submitted by: Amy King, Golden, CO

  • Love These Shoes!

    June 30, 2018

    These are super-comfy, versatile and fun all-around shoes. I wear them all the time, and even look a tiny bit hip in them. (Just ask my daughter.)

    submitted by: Kristi, Moab, Utah

  • Disappointed

    June 16, 2021

    Astrals come with high praise. I researched quite a bit for new boat shoes. Astral has very loyal customers, the shoes look great and are exactly what I needed. I originally wanted the Loyaks, Unfortunately they make the shoe for very low arches. I'm a 9.5, sometimes 10. The 10s were too tight to wear, 11 was huge. The Brewer was second choice, but I really liked them and went with it. They preformed great over the last three multi-day paddle trips. In and out of the water, across beaches, rocky shores etc. Very light, and fast drying. I practically babied them, it was so great to have good footwear in the boat. They've transformed my paddle trips this season. But it won't last. I'm disappointed to see they are coming apart, at the toe joints. Where the rubber attaches to fabric, it's beginning to part away with every step. They'll break down really fast and look cheap in no time, it's hardly been a month. For $160.00 + tax Canadian, I'd expect better than this from an otherwise almost fantastic shoe.

    submitted by: Corey, British Columbia

  • Like this shoe but does not work with a drysuit

    April 19, 2021

    This shoe does not have a stiff enough heel to keep my drysuit bootie inside. My foot is constantly coming out of the shoe while wearing a dry suit. Works great in the summer.

    submitted by: Ruby, Wyoming

  • I loved them until they started breaking

    April 02, 2021

    I love these shoes. But I'm honestly disappointed with how long they lasted. Based on the reviews on this site, and the extreme praise from the sales person at my local gear shop, I was hoping to wear these from one year into the next. No such luck. The shoe is meant to have a colapsilbe heal, but after just one season the right one is pulling away from the footbed, and the left one has a major hole/break around the drainage hole at the heel. I'm torn about recommending the shoe. They're so cute (although very dirty from multiple kayak trips) and comfortable, but I really wanted to get more than one summer out of them.

    submitted by: Sarah, Oregon

  • Only lasted a season

    January 06, 2021

    These are great shoes but after a summer of kayaking they started falling apart. I think the other models are more long-lasting.

    submitted by: ,

  • unsuitable for bare feet

    July 07, 2020

    Inseam stitching is poorly suited for bare feet - there is a multiseam junction area where your foot's arch contacts. There is also a seam just where your little toe touches and the stitching has even come undine here after a few days of use. I had a raw spots on each arch and baby toe blisters by day 2 of a canoe trip. The shoes fit fine and I've never gotten blisters from a water shoe before. All other design features are great.

    submitted by: ivanriem, Hamilton ON

  • Cute and comfy, but didn't dry very well

    August 14, 2018

    I've had these shoes for about 3 weeks. I wore them schlepping around the city for 4 days on a recent trip. The are light and comfortable. I used them in water for the first time this weekend. I used them to launch a kayak, so they were in light sand/gravel. They drain well, but got a lot of sand inside. I was pretty disappointed with how long the took to dry. I had about an hour drive home and they were still wet when I got home

    submitted by: Candy, Madison

  • Problem with seam

    June 29, 2021

    I bought the navy and they are stinking cute, but with every step I take it creases inward at the seam and digs into the base of my little toes. I tried on two separate pairs thinking the first may have been a manufacturing defect, but both had the same problem, so I think it is a design issue. It was more noticeable with bare feet versus with socks, but one doesn't wear socks with water shoes. It is likely a non-issue if you are just wearing them in a kayak, but if you plan to do any substantial walking after leaving the kayak . . .

    submitted by: R, MT

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