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Our signature model combines our stickiest G®Rubber outsole, balanced geometry midsole, and hydrophobic canvas uppers that drain water and dry fast. The unique Lilo™ construction reduces weight while increasing flexibility. All the details add up to create the ultimate outdoor sneaker.

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Color: Navy/Tan

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Intended Use: Water, Trail, Casual, Travel, Boat
Uppers: Hydrophobic PES Canvas with Airmesh at vamp and tongue; Foldable Heel has a slit for sand drainage; 210D nylon liner. 2 sets (different colors) water resistant laces provided.
Midsole: Balanced Geometry™ EVA foam with drainage ports at forefoot.

Outsole: Granite Grip™ high surface-contact, siped, and non-marking. Made with™rubber (our stickiest compound).
Foot to Ground Distance: 17mm heel, 16mm ball
Weight/shoe: Men's 9 = 217g (7.648 oz)
Sizes: Men’s US 7-13
Fit: True to size (Up to D width)

Granite Grip Outsole

Maximized sole-to-surface contact for increased friction on smooth surfaces. Razor-Siping increases quantity of edges for gripping. Beveled lugs help prevent mud accumulation. Thin profile for flexibility and sufficient sensory feedback promotes better balance and grip.

Water Ready

All Astral shoes have a special relationship with water. Every component, from the thread to the laces are critically evaluated and chosen for its ability to hold up after constant soaking, to shed water, and not to accumulate funk. Many models have engineered drainage for water to come out while minimizing entry of silt.

Balanced Geometry

We believe that a foot’s position in a shoe should be similar to when barefoot. This allows excellent balance and biomechanically natural lifestyle.

Foot-beds are essentially level (only 1mm drop from heel to toe ) and provide medium arch support.  Tapered instep and heel area for better foothold and control. Wide forefoot allows your feet and toes to spread out for stability.


The “ss” is for “Super Sticky” and we can confidently say that outsoles made with it provide the best grip in water-sports. Unlike other maximum friction compounds, is non-marking and provides good abrasion resistance. Its low durometer (measure of hardness) lessens impact and provides excellent conformity to surfaces.


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  • August 02, 2018

    Love these shoes. Really, really comfortable. Want to wear them all the time, not just kayaking.

    submitted by: John, New York City

  • Review

    July 23, 2018

    Hello there! I usually am not the type to review a product, however I felt compelled to send my appreciation of your product. I brew beer for a living and as anyone in the industry knows, shoes get absolutely destroyed. A friend who rock climbs pointed me to your brand and I stumbled on your first gen of brewer shoe, they absolutely changed my capability at work. The ability to dry fast, drain water, and the addition of the stickiest tread made them well worth the purchase. All the shoes I wore got destroyed in 3 months or less, this made it a little over a year which is quite impressive. I will ABSOLUTELY be purchasing the 2.0 brewers shoe with full confidence they will be as good or better. Thanks for keeping the feet of brewers dry and firmly planted.

    submitted by: Pete, Southern Pines, NC

  • Perfect Outdoor Shoe AAA+

    June 13, 2018

    Ive tried the Nike Aqua Sock, Adidas Terrex, Vivobarefoot etc, but the Astral Brewer is my new go to. The shoe not only looks good, but is perfect for walking the trails to tube or kayak in the river. Im looking forward to getting the Brewer 2 and Loyak. I wish they made these in child sizes. My two 6th grade kids would love to get in on the action as well.

    submitted by: Chad, Tampa

  • Brewer rasta

    May 25, 2018

    Shoes fit true to size and are extremely light and comfortable. I have yet to wear them in the water but with the drains and material Im sure theyll be great.

    submitted by: Jeff Lanieu, Syracuse NY

  • Very comfortable and light

    March 12, 2018

    I admire how light and comfortable these shoes are.Im planning on adding Loyak's to my collection as well.Hopefully,they will be as comfortable as the Brewers.

    submitted by: Marcin, Nyc

  • Great Show

    February 17, 2018

    Really comfortable and light weight shoe. Goes great with anything. Plan to make this my everyday casual shoe. Thanks Astral!

    submitted by: Adam, Philadelphia

  • Perfect sailing shoes

    February 07, 2018

    Hands down, the best gripping shoes I've owned. Just ordered my second pair.
    Racing small boats on San Francisco Bay is tough on footwear. After two years of constant abuse from sun, salt water and fiberglass, the canvas uppers finally deteriorated...but the soles still worked great, even with a worn down tread. I'm hooked!

    submitted by: Matthew Gibbs, Berkeley, CA

  • Excellent Shoe

    January 23, 2018

    The grip on these is incredible on wet rocks. I actually had an issue with my first pair and Astral's customer service was phenomenal. I recently needed a new life jacket and purchased Astral without looking at any other brands just because of how well they treat their customers.

    submitted by: Evans, Athens, GA

  • My Go-To Tahoe Shoe

    January 23, 2018

    These shoes are great. I wear them when I hike into high mountain streams to fly fish. They are comfortable with out without socks, can handle tough terrain, give me confidence on slippery rocks, dry quickly, and still look great when I head for dinner and drinks. I wore these shoes yesterday to walk through the snow and wade into the lake to catch a runaway kayak, and then left them outside when I got back to the house. They had frozen before I brought them in a few hours later. I left them in the entry way to thaw, and they were totally dry this morning when I put them on to get coffee. Hard to beat that.

    submitted by: Justin, Northern California

  • Sick!

    December 21, 2017

    Omg, finally cool looking water shoes! I spend most of my free time in or on the water. These shoes have awesome traction, are so light, drain quick and are great while walking on oyster beds. I'm seriously ordering more! I volunteer often in coastal and beach cleanups, and I've sliced my feet up bad trying to make it thru mangroves and oyster beds to pick up trash. Y'all are wonderful and I will be spreading the word to all my water buddies! True to size, and comfy comfy! Me and my feets thank you!!!!

    submitted by: Sara, Jupiter, Florida

  • Great Shoe

    November 29, 2017

    Love to wear this shoe with and without socks. Haven't yet tried them in water, but I can tell the materials will hold up well and perform nicely. They run slightly small. I bought a size 10, but I think a size 10.5 would have been a better fit. However, they broke in nicely and are a very comfortable pair of shoes.

    submitted by: AL, Asheville, NC

  • Joining the crowd

    November 26, 2017

    I'm new to kayaking and discovered that the most treacherous part of the sport seemed to be carrying my boat across mossy rocks to get to the put-in. I noticed that the people moving confidently over the rocks were wearing Astrals. I bought a pair a size larger than normal and wear them over my dry suit and wool socks for winter paddling. They work great. I have confident footing and appreciate how light they are. I guess this spring I'll have to buy a smaller pair for summer paddling.

    submitted by: Geoff, Virginia

  • Excellent all around Summer and Water Shoes

    October 10, 2017

    I live on the Jacks Fork River. I'm in and around the water constantly. I purchased these mainly for kayaking the river. But they are so comfortable that I found myself just lacing them on every morning. These shoes really grip fantastically on wet rock, are extremely light, and dry out very quickly. I was also very surprised with the support these shoes give. I wound up buying a second pair so that they wouldn't get worn out too fast! I am highly impressed.

    submitted by: Eric Grieb, Eminence, MO

  • Best shoes I've ever owned

    October 09, 2017

    These shoes are so great and so versatile

    submitted by: Louie Chiappetta, Atlanta Georgia

  • Out of the box comfort

    October 02, 2017

    super lightweight, very grippy, decent arch support. Looking forward to getting a lot of use out of these

    submitted by: Corey, Madison, WI

  • Great Shoe

    August 28, 2017

    Just bought a pair of the Brewer water shoes and I can say these are the best water shoes I have ever owned. Not only are they great out in the kayak and on the board, but also just walking around town or riding my bike to the beach. The drain great, dry fast and look great. No comparison to any other water shoe I've ever owned - absolutely the best!

    submitted by: Shawn, Richmond VA

  • My Third Pair....

    August 24, 2017

    A friend who used to live in Asheville told me about the Brewer during a discussion of "wet-wading" at my local fly shop here in Austin last year. He swore by them.
    Then when fishing in the Smokies last August, I saw them for sale in an outdoor store in Gatlinburg. Bought a pair, and was immediately stoked. Climbing and hopping around the enormous boulders and slippery places along the various rivers there, the Brewer gave me superb grip, confidence, and comfort. Went back a few days later, and bought another pair.
    My business is Landscape and irrigation, and often includes mud, and wet feet. The Brewers are my go-to summer landscape shoe in the Texas heat. Just bought a third pair because when I find something I really like, I like to have more than one.. I wear them every day. They are also so light, that they have become my top travel shoe- always packed for surf and fly-fishing trips to Mexico and Central America.
    Love these Brewers!

    Next up for me is a pair of the Rasslers.

    Keep up the awesome work, Astral.

    submitted by: Troy Nixon, Austin,Tx

  • My new favorite shoe

    August 23, 2017

    Bought these for an upcoming rafting trip on a recommendation from my brother. Been wearing them around town to break them in but didn't need to - they are comfy from day 1. I now wear them everywhere outside of the office. Super comfortable. I highly recommend.

    submitted by: Will, Atlanta

  • Performed Well on the River

    August 04, 2017

    I wanted to write a review after I had 'tested' these against the elements. Wow, I was impressed. The Tuolumne River was at the highest levels in years. Class 4's and up. Being in the lead raft, we were scrambling to pick up rafters that had overturned, fallen out, or lost gear. Great traction on wet rocks, moss, and slippery boats. The shoes were comfortable, drained well, and were so light in the water, you didn't feel the drag while swimming. This is a great shoe and I would get a second pair. These are also great on SUP's (paddleboards) and grip well! Love these shoes, especially in Murica (I'm a veteran and work with vets).

    submitted by: James Pond, Hermitage, TN

  • Best Summer Shoe

    June 23, 2017

    I bought a pair of your Brewer shoes to wear down in Florida for the summer. Best summer shoe ever! Right out of the box I took a 8 mile bike ride, 2 mile walk and wore them at the beach. Comfortable--period. No need to break them in. I'll definitely be a repeat customer and refer friends. Awesome! Drop the mic...

    submitted by: Nate, Florida

  • A durable all-around shoe

    June 05, 2017

    This shoe endures a lot of punishment. I have taken little care of these shoes and put them in the most brutal environments I can think of, and they still continue to be my favorites of the Astral line. They are grippy when I need to hold traction on a slippery surface while hiking alongside a riverbed. They are durable when I walk on all types of surfaces while hiking or kayaking. They are SO affordable for the quality you receive. Astral's customer service is top notch and they are a product designed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. When making a purchase, be sure to consider if you'll be wearing them barefoot, with socks, with thick socks, or using a drysuit. These shoes are not just for paddlers, they are a great shoe to wear all around town or at the campground.

    submitted by: Kyle Thomas, Seattle, WA

  • Brewer - Great Shoe

    May 21, 2017

    Love the Brewer show - came quickly and fit as expected. Wanted the ability to wear with a sock so bought slightly large. Came with two alternate colors of laces which I thought was a classy touch. Love the Murica color!

    submitted by: mark, MD

  • Effective complement to the whitewater canoeing experience . . .

    May 20, 2017

    Frequently at the beginning of the whitewater racing scene here in Maine, ice chunks of varying sizes are floating in the streams and rivers. Folks in the know will wear wet suits, sometimes dry suits, and rugged enough footwear to trudge through the half-frozen muck along the shore prior to put-in and later during take-out. I used to think rugged meant heavy-duty, but Astral Designs has shown me an effective alternative. As our race schedule leaves March and April behind, May affords us temperatures well above freezing and the desire for light though reliable footwear in the cockpit. For optimal balance I tend to kneel, and in a few of my boats w/ bucket style seats that means I have really enjoyed wearing the lightweight Brewers, which allow my feet when they're tucked under me (and the seat) a measure of freedom that wasn't possible w/ heavy footwear. Swimming is a natural feature of whitewater paddling, too, and the Brewers stay on, provide sure footing, and dry quickly. I also appreciate the Brewers' textured insoles when I'm wearing the shoe barefoot -- all those little raised circular and diamond bumps keep my feet in place & secure even when they've become wet. My wife considers me sort of the macho equivalent of Imelda Marcos. Now that I've been initiated into the Astral Designs footwear extravaganza, the collection is bound to continue increasing . . .

    submitted by: RW Estela, Orono, Maine

  • Brewer

    May 14, 2017

    I go to North Carolina Outward Bound every year with the 8th graders from the school I teach at, the past 2 years I've slipped and fell in the creek while wearing crocs. One of my instructors had a pair of Astral shoes on and let me try them. They felt wondeful, light weight and gripped the wet rocks. I told myself at that moment I'm going to get a pair for next year. I bought a pair but they were to be big so I'm returning them and getting a smaller size. I can't wait to put them on my feet. The great thing is that I'm a PE teacher in Florida and these shoes will be great with all the rain we get and doing the various water sports available.

    submitted by: Melissa Hessler, Pensacola Florida

  • I've been searching for this for 18 years!

    April 18, 2017

    In the summer of 1999 I began sailing Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes, a unique craft indigenous to a couple of rivers on the Bay, sailed since the mid-1800s and many of them built prior to the turn of the 20th century. These historic, wooden boats are sailed fast and hard; they have twice the sail area as similar craft their size, yet no lead keel to keep them upright. Capsizes do happen, but to stay upright, beefy guys like me throw 12- to 14-foot boards over the windward side each tack and climb out to the end, dashing in and out to maintain just the proper balance. It's a slippery task, and for 18 years I have sought a shoe that protects the foot from heavy, moving pieces of lumber, drains well and, most importantly, GRIPS. This is it! Not only is it the perfect shoe for log canoe sailing, I took them on a trip to Maine last summer and was amazed at the grip on slippery rocks and even comfort while hiking. The Brewer is my day-to-day multitask shoe. For a shoe meant to be worn without socks, I must say the footbed is far less odor-retaining than other shoes. I liked this pair so much I just bought the Filipe and am considering two more pairs of Astrals. My feet are notoriously hard to fit, and I think I've finally found a company whose shoes I'll be buying for life.

    submitted by: Will Chapman, Easton, MD

  • Highly Recommend

    April 15, 2017

    My brother has been talking these shoes up for some time now - I finally decided to purchase a pair - looking for a shoe for both kayaking and hiking. So far -very pleased.

    submitted by: Aaron, North Carolina

  • Two weeks in Costa Rica - Shoes took a beating, but but held up great. Terrific Shoe

    March 23, 2017

    Was looking for light-weight, closed shoes. Sure found the right shoe! Traveled the back-roads from Liberia to Osa Penn, up into the mountains off the Panamerican Highway and back up the Pacific side to Monteverde. Plenty of on and off trail use from dry forests to tropical rain forests and mountain terrain. Great in the water and refused to slip the grip on slick rocks in rivers and surf. Felt great from day-one and held up well.

    submitted by: sylvan, portland, or

  • Two weeks in Costa Rica - Shoes Took a Beating, but but held up great. Terrific Shoe

    March 23, 2017

    Was looking for light-weight, closed shoes. Traveled the back-roads from Liberia to Osa Penn, up into the mountains off the Panamerican Highway and back up the Pacific side to Monteverde. Plenty of on and off trail use from dry forests to tropical rain forests and mountain terrain. Great in the water and refused to slip the grip on slick rocks in rivers and surf. Felt great from day-one and held up well.

    submitted by: sylvan, portland, or

  • February 10, 2017

    By far my favorite shoes of all time. I've been using them every day for years for everything from paddling, to bike riding, trail building, tree climbing, rock hopping, and shuffling around town. They dry incredibly fast, but my favorite feature is the step down backs, which allow me to be lazy and to slip on the shoes to wear them in sandal mode. The traction is next level, and seems to only get better when on wet rock. These are by far my favorite shoes ever made, and I will continue to rock the Brewers day in and out.

    submitted by: Tim Koerber, Brevard, NC

  • Excellent shoe

    February 06, 2017

    -light weight


    I would highly recommend these to anyone. Even people who plan to use them as daily shoes. These shoes are very comfortable, extremely light weight, very breathable, and they are very supportive under the feet.

    The only problem I had was fitting in my kayak. I am a playboater and the biggest problem I have with playboating is the limitation to the type of shoes you can fit in your boat. I had reached out to the guys at Astral to ask if many playboater's use there shoes and which one's if so. They recommended the loyak's or the hiyak's.

    As of late I have began to shift my focus the the realm of competition and have began to start creeking and running water falls, So I wanted to find a shoe that I could use for both. the reason I did not want to use the loyak or the hiyak was because of the sole. I want a sole that was thick and that could give a lot of support. So I chose the Brewer. I was not sure how well the Brewer was going to fit in my playboat and the boat I use is a Jackson Kayak Medium 2014 Rockstar.

    When I received the shoe I immediately went and sat in my boat. I couldn't fit with the jackson happy feet airbag in the front of the boat. So I removed the air bag and put in the stock foam foot block the is provided with the boat when it is purchased. I still didn't fit. I really liked the look, feel, and overall functionality of the shoe that I was determined to not send them back and figure out how to make them fit in my boat.

    I found that I could fit without the foot block but that was not an option because I would lose a lot of control over the bow of my boat. So I spent 3 hours cutting and sanding the foam block to make it small and to profile to my feet and the front of the boat better. And after spending time doing that's had success and it fit and I had much better control than before with the airbag. If you're curious on what size shoe I wear it is a 10.5.

    In the end I absolutely love the Brewers. They are the best kayaking shoe I have ever worn. If you want a shoe with a thicker sole for playboating and creeking without have to have two shoes then this is the best shoe and with a little bit of work on the foam block then you can have a very comfortable fit in your boat.

    submitted by: Alex Lewis, Buford, Georgia

  • Excellent!

    August 09, 2016

    I wear these things when I'm raft guiding, kayaking, or just chilling on the river. Nothing on the market comes close to the grip these shoes give on slick rocks. On top of that, they're a great trail running shoe. I put a lot of miles in last winter and spring, and the brewers were great!

    submitted by: Andrew, Long Creek

  • Brewer as a Canoe Shoe

    July 22, 2016

    For summer trips, I appreciate that this shoe is light, dries quickly, and doesn't come off in the deep muck. Just recently, this shoe saved me more than once on some tricky Quebec portages. Navigating a labyrinth of wet rocks with a canoe over my head and a pack on my back, the sticky soles stuck fast when I needed them to most. Dropping a kevlar boat (or my body!) on sharp rocks is a recipe for trouble in remote back country. A seam on both shoes started to fray, however within a day of notifying the customer service department at Astral, they agreed to ship a new pair immediately. My family also owns Astral PFDs. Weve never had a problem with them, but its good to know that these guys stand behind their products. Kudos.

    submitted by: Mark S., Ithaca, NY

  • I love these shoes

    July 12, 2016

    I got these shoes about a month ago and wear them for everything. I originally got them for skating and paddle boarding on the river, but now i wear them daily as my go to pair of shoes. I am going to grab another pair in a different color.

    Definitely recommend them.

    submitted by: Grant B., Cape Canaveral, FL

  • Best Shoes

    July 04, 2016

    Like my life vest I have had these shoes since they first came out. From the craziest of portages around jungle waterfalls to enduro races on the Kaituna River these shoes can handle anything. They are so lightweight yet so durable. They dry super fast and last forever for the amount of abuse I put them through. Thanks for making shoes ASTRAL!

    submitted by: Brenna, BC, Canada

  • Perfect.

    June 23, 2016

    I have a few pair of Astral shoes, and the Brewer is my favorite (if only because it's the most versatile). This shoe looks like an ordinary (but awesome) sneaker, even though it's deceptively lightweight, comfortable, versatile and fast-drying. You can use this shoe for practically everything. They're also incredibly easy to clean and handle a lot of wear and tear. The EVA foam footbed is extremely comfortable, and they're the goldilocks of firm versus soft cushioning. I bought my first pair of Astral shoes for their intended purpose -- kayaking/the water. I quickly discovered that the shoes excel on dry land, the sidewalk, trail and pretty much everywhere else. Overall, I'd say these shoes are perfect.

    submitted by: Dustin, Asheville, NC

  • Great water and summer shoe

    June 01, 2016

    I have a older version of this shoe that had the lacing run around the heel of the shoe. They have re-designed the Brewer and now does not have that feature, I think this a step in the right direction. I love the color I bought which was black with Lime green accents. I'm now going to buy another pair this summer.

    submitted by: Ehren, Juneau, Alaska

  • Bomber kicks

    May 29, 2016

    I use the brewer for work rafting, kayaking, canoeing and sailing! Super comfortable, grippy and wear well.

    submitted by: Tom Woolven, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

  • Best Shoe Period!!!

    May 21, 2016

    This is the best shoe ever made!!! I have tried so many different shoes and finally found this one. If I could only wear one shoe for the rest of my life it would be the Brewer. These shoes do everything: Daily Wear, Hiking, Rafting, and Everything else you can imagine. Only problem is that I hiked the Appalachian Trail and my foot grew a size, from 13 to 14. Now I no longer fit in these amazing shoes. Please Astral make them in larger sizes!!

    submitted by: Dustin, NY

  • Astral Brewer Rocks!

    May 01, 2016

    I use this shoe to work as a raft guide or for kayaking, super comfy, holds up to a lot of abuse and the sole sticks to every thing.

    submitted by: Fish, Wesser NC

  • So versatile

    March 29, 2016

    I travel a ton for work and fun, and my Brewers go with me everywhere. They're great for cruising around town, great for doing anything near the water, and the sticky soles make them really good for use with flat pedals on mountain bikes as well. It's almost unbelievable how light they are, and they look cool too. 5-stars!

    submitted by: John P., South Freeport, Maine

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