Astral Staff testing product / Ty Caldwell

Team building on the Upper Green / Ty Caldwell

Ty Caldwell having an epic office day / Spencer Cooke

Sales Manager, Bryan Owen gone fishing / Spencer Cooke

The Crew at Bonaroo / Astral Archives

VP of S&M hikes in to the Green / Ty Caldwell

Gabe Latini wants to put shoes on your feet / Ty Caldwell

Someone's first rodeo / Astral Archives

Catawba Bootie Beer

Kevin Mulligan can handle your customer service "situation" / Astral Archives

Astral staff gets out in the Nature / Spencer Cooke

Our People

  • Philip Curry
    Founder / CEO

  • Bryan Owen
    Sales Manager

  • Christie Dobson
    Sales and Marketing

  • Nancy Lauffer
    VP of Operations

  • Ollie Smithers
    Product Line Coordinator

  • Daniel Windham

  • Reglan Brewer

  • Jack Liu
    Asia R&D

  • James Trombley
    Systems Administrator

  • Will Shirley

  • Emily Klapthor
    Customer Support/Shipping

  • Emily Murray
    Customer Support

  • Caitlin Bjornstad
    Creative Content Coordinator

  • Gabe Latini
    Road Warrior

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