Astral Staff testing product / Ty Caldwell

Team building on the Upper Green / Ty Caldwell

Ty Caldwell having an epic office day / Spencer Cooke

Sales Manager, Bryan Owen gone fishing / Spencer Cooke

The Crew at Bonaroo / Astral Archives

VP of S&M hikes in to the Green / Ty Caldwell

Gabe Latini wants to put shoes on your feet / Ty Caldwell

Someone's first rodeo / Astral Archives

Catawba Bootie Beer

Kevin Mulligan can handle your customer service "situation" / Astral Archives

Astral staff gets out in the Nature / Spencer Cooke


Our Story

In 1999, I sold my first business to Patagonia, traveled awhile and then became a full time biodynamic farmer. A question nagged at me: Could I protect more land and water by farming this small farm, or by getting back in to the outdoor equipment business?

In 2002, I began Astral. We were deeply committed to building the best performing products for wilderness athletes, and we focused on building them in the least toxic, lowest impact way. I loved creating a company where cool, creative people could work together to benefit nature.

Since then we’ve grown a lot and done good things along the way. We basically eliminated toxic PVC foam from the PFD industry, invented breathable life jackets, won awards for our paradigm changing footwear designs, and we’ve developed the stickiest rubber ever worn on wet rock - just to name a few.

Our story is unique in a market dominated by huge corporations. We put nature first in all our business and product decisions.

We make our products in the best factories and we live near them. We are committed to sustainable business and products that last. In the most simple terms, we are athletes, artists and craftspeople. With your support we will continue to build the cleanest, most beautiful and highest performing products you can buy…. And we promise to always put Nature First.


Our People


  • Philip Curry
    Founder / CEO

  • David Orr

  • Ken Kaplan

  • Bryan Owen
    Sales Manager

  • Lara Banker
    Sr. Marketing Manager

  • Daniel Windham
    Product Line Manager

  • James Trombley
    Operations Manager

  • Ollie Smithers
    Sourcing Manager

  • Caitlin Bjornstad
    Community Manager

  • Anna Walsh
    Graphic Designer

  • Will Shirley
    Warehouse/Shipping Manager

  • Thor
    Customer Support/Shipping

  • Baylor Manning
    Customer Support

  • Emily Murray
    Customer Support

  • Jack Liu
    Asia R&D

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