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Stakeout with Nicole and Nouria

Written on June 20th 2018.

By Nicole Mansfield and Nouria Newman.

Stakeout; it’s all-around epic – the whitewater, the company, the drives, and sometimes the weather.   After a mere month of exploring Eastern Canada’s infamous spring ice melt fueled rivers and creeks, we certainly can’t claim to be Stakeout connoisseurs,… read more

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Eddy Out with Benny Marr

Written on April 17th 2018.

One of the funniest guys we know and one of the world's top paddlers, Benny Marr got his skills from surfing big water rivers...he loves big water. He can often be found naked in and around rivers driving his truck from river to river. He's from the Sister-Land of Canada and we are proud that … read more

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Eddy Out with Mike Tavares

Written on March 14th 2018.

From surf to skate and everything in between, Mike can shred it. Spending more time on a board than on solid ground, Mike has honed his skills and developed a name for himself in the River SUP scene.  Searching for swells and high water, he lives on the road with his companion and co-captain, Shred … read more

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