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How To Hike In The Winter

Written on February 8th 2019.

By Aaron Karns

How to Hike in the Winter


Cold weather can be a huge deterrent to taking a hike in the winter months. This should not be the case, however. Winter offers some of the most spectacular and jaw dropping views that cannot be seen when it is sunny and 75°. When it is cold, howev… read more

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The Top 5 Mistakes Thru Hikers Make

Written on November 19th 2018.

By: Jennifer Pharr Davis

Making mistakes is a healthy part of any thru hike. You can’t successfully backpack over 2,000 miles without making tweaks and adjustments to your original plan. Whether it be your itinerary, gear, or mindset something along the route will be forced to change if you w… read more

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Highlights of a hiking trip to New Zealand

Written on June 26th 2018.

By Christine Martens

New Zealand is famous for its amazing scenery (featured in Lord of the Rings) and multitude of hiking trails.  Hiking tracks in New Zealand fall into several different categories. There are Great Walks, Easy Tramping Tracks, Advanced Tramping Tracks, and Tramping Routes.  

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Why Run

Written on April 27th 2018.

In allowing myself to feel my heart is splayed open
You can poke and prod it
I will feel everything
There will be no numbing this time
Why numb when you can feel? 
Why run when you can move slowly through this world
and see everything?
Like the snow blanketing the Earth gently, 
wrapping… read more

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