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The Top 5 Mistakes Thru Hikers Make

Written on November 19th 2018.

By: Jennifer Pharr Davis

Making mistakes is a healthy part of any thru hike. You can’t successfully backpack over 2,000 miles without making tweaks and adjustments to your original plan. Whether it be your itinerary, gear, or mindset something along the route will be forced to change if you w… read more

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Brewer 2.0: Put to the Test

Written on November 2nd 2018.

By: Dylan Parker

The Astral Brewer 2.0 is a one shoe quiver. The Brewer is an incredibly high-performance kayaking shoe with understated good looks that effortlessly flows from upstream, to flat water to downtown and many adventures in between.

Paddle sports are an amazing way to experienc… read more

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530 km on Río Marañon

Written on October 3rd 2018.

By Bethany Hughes

"It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it's still here." -Edward Abbey

Before it was called the Amazon the largest river by volume in the world was known as the Río Marañón (translation: cashew). Springing from the… read more

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TR1 Merge: Put to the Test.

Written on September 19th 2018.

By: Kelly Greene

Hiking boots and water shoes have always been separate in my mind. I’ve been the happy owner of their Brewess shoe for the last few years for all of my whitewater adventures, but I’ve never considered taking them more than a few miles on river-side trails. So when I took a pair o… read more

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