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Astral Seeks New Sales Associate

Written on January 14th 2019.

Founded in 2002, Astral is located in Asheville NC, a town we chose for its excellent year-round
whitewater and access to pristine mountain terrain. Our company is a collection of passionate,
creative and motivated individuals; completely committed to providing the best possible
products and serv… read more

Roaming With Rover

Written on December 18th 2018.

By: Jennifer Dawson

Those of us who love the outdoors likely also have a pooch or two that love the outdoors as well, but often taking your dog with you on a trip - especially one that includes, hiking, camping, and boating-- can seem daunting. It’s no surprise that 39% of campers report neve… read more

The Top 5 Mistakes Thru Hikers Make

Written on November 19th 2018.

By: Jennifer Pharr Davis

Making mistakes is a healthy part of any thru hike. You can’t successfully backpack over 2,000 miles without making tweaks and adjustments to your original plan. Whether it be your itinerary, gear, or mindset something along the route will be forced to change if you w… read more

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