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Eddy Out with Mike Tavares

Written on March 14th 2018.

From surf to skate and everything in between, Mike can shred it. Spending more time on a board than on solid ground, Mike has honed his skills and developed a name for himself in the River SUP scene.  Searching for swells and high water, he lives on the road with his companion and co-captain, Shred … read more

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Surfing in Bend

Written on March 13th 2018.

In 2015 the Whitewater Park located on the Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon opened to the public. In the summer the river channels teem with kayaks, paddle boards, and tubes. The tree covered grassy park is filled with people doing yoga, grilling, or playing with their pets. With people trying to coo… read more

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Eddy Out with Brittany Parker

Written on January 17th 2018.

Brittany is our social soul sister. She's rides the wave of her most current adventure and somehow finds time to blog, write and post about her adventures in between spans of no internet and no cell service. Her message isn't one of commercialization, instead it expresses how Nature and her connec… read more

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Take a Hike with Jenn Pharr Davis

Written on November 1st 2017.

Jennifer Pharr Davis. You probably heard of this badass when she became the first woman to set the speed record for the Appalachian Trail back in 2011 and became Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year. Since then, you could say she’s stayed pretty busy; she’s written 5 books and founded the Blue Ridge Hikin… read more

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Furry Best Friend, Meet the AstroPad

Written on November 1st 2017.

The beloved AstroPad returns! The exterior is made from our shoe's Hemp/PE canvas (naturally odor and rot resistant, and extremely durable). The removable and luxurious pad is made from a blend of our lifejacket foam scraps and PE fill. Guaranteed to bring your dog sweet dreams.

Gear Junkie recom… read more

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Eddy Out with Nicole Mansfield

Written on November 1st 2017.

"Her friends sometimes call her Queen Beater but if you ever get the chance to paddle with Nicole Mansfield you will realize that she is nothing but one of the very best paddlers out there. She is steezy and she can be super fast but she is just too humble to admit it. Her love for the outdoors an… read more

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