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Eddy Out with Ocey Newsome Rogers

Written on May 22nd 2018.

What's your fave part about the job: Working in the warehouse is like playing a larger than life game of Tetris. Sometimes you are not fast enough and you get crushed. But sometimes all of your practice pays off and you finish the day with like a zillion points, and that feels pretty satisfying.… read more

Gone Sailing

Written on May 1st 2018.

Denis Dowling and Allie Medeiros are no strangers to grand adventure. Collectively, they have accrued over 150,000 nautical miles. They’ve sailed the North Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Coast of Central America and Mexico, and Denis has crossed the Atlantic Ocean eight times. For the past y… read more

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Why Run

Written on April 27th 2018.

In allowing myself to feel my heart is splayed open
You can poke and prod it
I will feel everything
There will be no numbing this time
Why numb when you can feel? 
Why run when you can move slowly through this world
and see everything?
Like the snow blanketing the Earth gently, 
wrapping… read more

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Eddy Out with Benny Marr

Written on April 17th 2018.

One of the funniest guys we know and one of the world's top paddlers, Benny Marr got his skills from surfing big water rivers...he loves big water. He can often be found naked in and around rivers driving his truck from river to river. He's from the Sister-Land of Canada and we are proud that … read more

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Choose Nature

Written on April 17th 2018.

Here at Astral, putting #NatureFirst is an easy choice for us in business, lifestyle and product design. Our team put together some ways in which they choose Nature in their day-to-day lives. Check it out below. We hope it inspires you!

Philip Curry - I step out in natu… read more
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