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Why Russia?

Written on April 6th 2020.

Top 5 Reasons // Exactly What I Did and Didn’t Expect
by Nicole Mansfield

Initially my goal was to inspire kayakers that were fantasizing and creating summer paddling plans to consider embarking on a paddling trip to Russia by sharing my top 5 reasons for going, many of which are based off of my… read more

A Tribute to Chile with Aniol Serrasolses' LE11 Cobra

Written on September 30th 2019.

For the past decade, Astral has annually launched a highly sought-after limited edition GreenJacket PFD, which doubles as a high-performance PFD and a piece of art. Time-tested by the world’s best expedition kayakers, Astral’s GreenJacket is the top choice for river guides and expedition paddlers al… read more

10 Tips for Staying Safe on Trail

Written on September 2nd 2019.

About the Author: Jennifer Pharr Davis is an author, speaker, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and owner of Blue Ridge Hiking Company. She has hiked over 14,000 miles – mostly alone - on six different continents.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked whether or not I feel safe… read more

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Giver Her Silence 

Written on August 28th 2019.

Title: Giver Her Silence 

Words by: Brittany Parker

"Give her silence 
A rich and fragrant silence 
Because she needs time below the surface 
Where she can sit in wonder 
Of all that is wonderful about the natural world 
Where she can listen carefully 
To a birds song 
To the rustle of … read more

Finding your Spirit Trail

Written on May 20th 2019.

Author: Jennifer Pharr Davis


There are long distance trails all over the country – and the world. And, no two long distance trails are the same. So how do you pick the one that’s right for you?


All too often, hikers chose a long trail simply because it’s popular or because their frie… read more

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