The Joy of Hemp

Durable, breathable, and rot resistant. 

The best case for doing less and resting more this winter.

Written on November 16th 2021.

Winter is right around the corner and my outdoor friends are as excited about the upcoming adventures, as my kids are about Christmas. Some of our outdoor peeps are discussing the local slopes in North Carolina others are planning big trips out west, many of my hiking and mountaineering friends are … read more

Four Tips for Rainy Day Foot Care

Written on October 18th 2021.

I’m writing this blog on a rainy - and I mean torrential – day from the comfort of my couch, however, any time it rains like this, with raindrops pounding the ground and a forecast that predicts 100% precipitation for days on end, I always think of the hikers and backpackers who are walking through … read more

What’s in your PFD?

Written on July 23rd 2021.

Most life jackets come equipped with all sorts of carrying capabilities - an assortment of sleeves and various shaped pockets, zippered and mesh.   Once a friend boasted that his Astral GreenJacket was capable of carrying 8 cans of carbonated beverages.  That’s an impressive use of the compartments.… read more

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The next step in sustainable lifejackets

Written on June 29th 2021.

In 2002, the idea for Astral came to founder Philip Curry like a sign from the universe. 

He had sold his first lifejacket company and become a biodynamic farmer in his mission to live a sustainable life, but as he sat on his tractor, plowing the fields of his North Carolina farm, he was stru… read more

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