Exploring Sweden

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The Northern Paddling Continues

After catching some playboating on the local feature the road trip was on! I had a few drops on my Sweden hit list that I had to check out. With a solid flow I headed on a short drive from Kittelfjall to catch the Skalmodal and a super scenic stout.

This drop is located in the boarder region of Norway and Sweden in the mountain tundra.

On this little mission I happened to be touring solo so I spent some serious time scouting and making sure my line would be smooth. I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of this but sometimes you just feel in the zone and ready to take action.

I set up a camera on the shore to capture a few clips of my day so that I could share a little Swedish Whitewater with anyone interested.

As I approached the drop I was focused on the task at hand. There was no room for doubt or outside distractions but rather a heightened case of excitement. My first run was great. I splashed my face and charged into the drop working to keep my body position forward and balanced while taking a good stroke off the lip to surface away from the drop.

Another taste of whitewater in Sweden had just fueled my desire to find more.

Enjoy the video as well.

Tyler Curtis


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Ronny Fisher: All Hooked Up

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allHookedUpBannerIntroducing our first ever kayak fishing specific vest… the Ronny Fisher!

3-ina-RowFor ASTRAL, a true fishing PFD was a different challenge than our whitewater and recreational designs of the past. In order to clearly identify the needs of kayak fishing, the Astral design team enlisted crucial feedback and ideas from the North Carolina Kayak Fishing Association (NCKFA) a group of expert kayak anglers based in our home state of North Carolina. Most notably, our good friend and NCKFA president, Mark Patterson was instrumental in this process.

Mark Patteron photo: NCKFA

Mark Patterson, photo: NCKFA

Here are a few of the key design elements we identified for the Ronny Fisher:

Comfort and Breathability:  Fishing kayaks tend to have really tall seatbacks, so in order to get the perfect fit we knew our ThinVent(TM) back design used in the regular Ronny lifevest would be perfect. ThinVent technology incorporates a super thin foam evenly distributed in the back that is ventilated for maximum comfort in hot weather. Thus, allowing the user to be able to fully recline in the tallest of seats without interference between the seat back and the PFD.

Jim Buley, photo: Effort Inc.

Jim Buley, photo: Effort Inc.

Just like all Astral PFDs, the Ronny Fisher is articulated to wrap the torso and large arm openings provide a natural and unrestricted range of motion when paddling and swimming. The front foam is also skived which makes a shelf in the chest area, making it a great fit for women, just like our Linda lifevest.

kris lozier crop

Kris Lozier at home in VA, photo: Mark Lozier

Functional Storage:  The two large fold down pockets in the front are sized perfectly to fit up to a 6.5” x 4.25” tackle box (sold separately). Included are six strips of peel and stick Velcro so you can mount your small tackle boxes inside the pocket.

On the inside of both pockets are two mesh sleeves with elastic closure and key loops.  On the outside of each large front pocket you will find zippered storage compartments sized to hold a fishing license, an iPhone, and other odds and ends, with dual YKK zippers for quick one hand access.

*accessories sold separately

*accessories sold separately

As shown above the Ronny Fisher can hold a variety of tackle and accessories like:

  • Zinger with clippers
  • Hemostat
  • Pocket Knife
  • Fishing License
  • iPhone with case
  • Plano #3449 Tackle Box with Misc Spinner Lures
  • Small Flashlight
  • Gulp softbaits
  • Jig Heads
  • Small Tackle Box
  • Fox 40 whistle
  • Shiva IPA Beverage
philip ruckart

Philip Ruckart, photo: North Carolina Kayak Fishing

Safety:  Kayak fishing (especially offshore) has some unique hazards of its own and the big one is collisions with motorboats. Because of this we needed our fishing vest to be easily seen so that potential accidents could be avoided.  Reflective accents on the front and back will help you to be seen in low light, and the Ronny Fisher is also available in our very own FLASH GREEN.

william raglusky

William Ragulsky, night fishing

In particular, one of the really cool new ideas that Mark Patterson brought to the table was the addition of a stowable rain hood. This way, if you happen to get caught out in bad weather just deploy the hood from the neck collar to keep your head dry and make yourself easy to spot.

business in front, party in the back

business in front, party in the back

In case of a swim, the Ronny Fisher is designed with 16lbs of buoyancy derived from 100% PE Foam – its feather-light and recyclable (note the avg weight of Ronny Fisher is only 1.84 lbs)!

On the front of the vest is a square plastic lash tab, that has traditionally been used to mount a river knife to the front of our whitewater designs. This could be used to mount your blade where it would be close at hand if you needed to cut a line quickly.

Astral Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep Kelly Fisher, photo: Rick Drew

Astral Mid-Atlantic Sales Rep Kelly Fisher, photo: Rick Drew

Durability:  We know that kayak fishing can dish out a beating on a lifevest, especially with hooks and sharp objects being used.  For the shell material we chose a 500d Cordura®, and then added some 1050d Ballistic fabric in the high wear zones to help reduce abrasion resistance, and to reduce the possibility of a snagged hook on the shell fabric.

photo: Effort Inc.

photo: Effort Inc.

Style: Our initial design intention was to create a technical vest for the “working man” with some style influences from both traditional fly fishing vests and work clothing.  Through the use of ballistic overlays, the vest truly communicates its durability just like your favorite pair of Carhart™ pants. In terms of the feature layout we strived to attain the fine balance of “form follows function,” where pocket shape and location was carefully considered to provide the utmost freedom of movement when paddling and fishing.

Brian "Vince" Vincent, photo: Appomattox River Company

Brian “Vince” Vincent, photo: Appomattox River Company

Other unique features of the Ronny Fisher include:

  • Covered tool organizer on the right side (as worn) with Velcro closure.
  • Zippered beverage holder on left side.
  • Multiple attachment loops for all your tools and gadgets.
  • elastic keepers to help manage your excess straps (so they don’t get hooked).

storage close up

Release Date: January 20th 2014

MSRP: $159.95

Sizing: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Colors: Green, Charcoal

buyButton (4)

In our next blog post we will dive deeper into Astral’s emergence to kayak fishing, and meet our original Astral Fishing Team:

  • Mark Patterson: Greensboro, NC
  • William Ragulsky: Norfolk, VA
  • Brian “Vince” Vincent: Farmville, VA
  • Jonathan Leavitt: Falls Church, VA
  • Philip Ruckart: Mebane, NC
  • Mark Lozier: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Kris Lozier; Virginia Beach, VA
  • Matt Baden: Annapolis, MD
  • Chris Tryon: Wilmington, NC

Winter Kayak Bassin With The Ronny Fisher from Jonathan Leavitt on Vimeo.

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Astral Expands Asheville Team with the Addition of Digital Media Coordinator

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Ty Caldwell

March 6, 2014 – Asheville, NC – Astral is proud to announce Ty Caldwell as the newest addition to their marketing team. Starting this March, Caldwell will be taking on the role of Social Media Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Department Assistant.

Growing up in the paddling scene and close to Astral’s headquarters in Asheville, NC, Caldwell has been on Astral’s radar for a few years. As a regional athlete he has paddled for Astral since 2011 and has always endorsed Astral products while working at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Caldwell received his degree in Graphic Art and Imaging Technology from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. While at Appalachian State, he also studied the local watershed and grew as an experienced kayaker.

Astral’s General Manager Yonton Mehler commented, “Ty is a super energetic guy and is genuinely excited about marketing and brand promotion. His good attitude and graphic design skills are going to be a really great addition to our marketing team.”

Caldwell is based in Western North Carolina and can be found wherever there is water. Look for Ty this summer on your local runs.

About Astral:
Founded in 2002, Astral leads the life vest industry in innovative design and responsible manufacturing. Expanding on its commitment to serving core outdoor enthusiasts, Astral now offers award-winning footwear and an innovative collection of products made from industry scrap materials. Astral operates out of three locations worldwide: North Carolina, Vietnam, and Bali. For more information about Astral and its new footwear line, see astraldesigns.com.

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Sea Wolf on the Salween River in China

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Recently I had the opportunity to travel to China for the first time.  It just so happens the trip was to teach some kayaking and to host our first ever World Kayak Hometown Throwdown in Asia.  After two and a half straight days of travel I arrived on the banks of the Nu river.  In China it is named after the local people that live along its banks.  Upstream in Burma it is called the Salween, by which it is known by most kayakers.  First up was two days of teaching followed by two days of events.   I was able to demo freestyle moves before each of the events and then judge them during the competition. As with my last trip to Ecuador the Sea Wolf was my go to vest for sure.  I knew we would have great play on this big volume glacial river and I figured I would be needing to do a few rescues along the way during the clinics.  The stoke level for the Chinese kayakers was high, real high!  As a result they were willing to try to paddle some fairly big but safe rapids.  That rested in a good number of swims. The tow capability of the Sea Wolf was a real asset when I needed to get a boat full of water to shore in a very wide river.  We also had the opportunity to surf the famous Fortune Cookie wave, to which it did not disappoint.  It was big and gave up just about anything you could do in a boat.  The low profile fit of the Sea Wolf is great for big wave play and is not a compromise when it comes to a freestyle vest.   When it is all said and done China was an amazing experience with friendly people, great food, and a super fun river.
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